Saturday, January 23, 2016

Trumpet in Uber

1. He plays trumpet while he waits for an Uber ride. He is a musician and a retired corrections officer for Juvenile Hall.

Friday, January 22, 2016

New York Actress and Morrison

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

WallMart Marketer to Keywest for Break

He is a marketer for WallMart. There are only around 200 of them world wide. He is exhausted. His flight was at 7am and the entire night - 3am,4am,5am he was waking up thinking "Did I miss my flight? Is it time to wake up yet?" Exhausted, but he is about to relax. He and his husband are going to Key west tomorrow for a vacation. They are bringing 15 of their good friends. First they are going on a yacht throughout the surrounding waters to watch the sunset, have dinner, then watch a drag show.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Spartan, South American Animal Hospital, 1,000 year storm

1. He is going in to see the doctor before getting his hip replacement. He will also be getting surgery on his knee cap soon, but before that he needs to get his lower back fused, which is when they combine multiple vertebrae together to give more support. He has a degenerative disease. He has had it since he was 16 years old. "I found out because I couldn't feel anything in my hand, My hand went numb. 

He used to be addicted to pain killers. "I was taking morphine 24/7. What do you expect when you get handfulls of this stuff at your disposal, and it makes ALL the pain go away.Sometimes you have these young 26 year old doctors telling you what you should be doing, and you almost wanna just smack them. They have no idea. I think I did pretty good considering. He no longer abuses it and has learned how to work with his meds. He tells me about when he use to use morphine. "Oh it was a trip. Nothing seemed real. I was in a mushy fake land. And there is nothing like going to a bar and all your faculties stop working." He talks about adapting and learning how to deal with it. I tell him that he is a soldier, like a spartan, and ask him if he has seen 300 and that he should watch it in the morning for soldier spirit. He says "that's funny, because my wife calls me Spartan."

I ask what he does for work. 

He is a retired Special ed teacher. "I fell into the job just like most other things in my life. When I was in 7th grade, all the special needs kids got tossed into the core classes. Just tossed in. So, They were all in my science class." he laughs. "Just have em sink like stones while elevating the lowest status. No longer was the nerdy kid who got picked on at the bottom, now they could feel better about themselves. But thats how it was, so I was with them at an early age. Some of the kids where weirded out by them, but they never made me feel uncomfortable." 

When I ask him how he's gotten through this pain all these years he says this. 

"Everyones got things they are gonna have to deal with. So you deal with what you got. You get handed something difficult, and you just push through. That's it. Listen, I have very good life. I have 5 beautiful children who all turned out well adjusted, and a beautiful wife that I love. Life is good."

2. She is a freshman in college taking a break and is going to South America for a year to work at an animal hospital. She has gone to Costa Rica to work with turtles, Guatemala, and Kenya among other places. I ask if she has any favorite animals and what kind of animals she will be working with in South America. 
"Well there will be Warthogs. Warthogs are pretty chill." 
She was first with warthogs in Kenya, and she really likes them. I ask if she is a going to become a veterinarian. She is currently a psych major but not sure if she wants to pursue that major. 

3. He is from Colorado. He tells me first hand about the flood 2 years ago he was in there. "Yea It was crazy. There where parts of town where the entire area was under water. There where homes that where completely taken out. Cars washed away. My moms basement got completely flooded. They where first saying it was a 100 year flood, but then the number got higher and higher until they said it was a 1,000 year flood." He plays Guitar and bass in an electronic instrumental group called Host Bodies. Here is their SoundCloud Page.

4. "As an outsider it's so fascinating to move to a city, and I think about what inspired me to move here. The sense of optimism, the sense of innovation, the sense of unbridled creativity. There's risk taking. All those things that align with what San Francisco is. Then you get here, like people are talking about solving these big global issues through technology and new ways of thinking and new paradigms, but there are so many moments when you look on every street corner (homeless) and think 'that is not a difficult to solve.' It is something that is challenging, but, like, the way our society thinks about what we are able to provide...I'm just fascinated by how America works in confronting this. It's confronting it in a way, yet I feel myself...whats the best way to say it...I'm numbing more to it. And it's sad to me that a city that is so at the forefront of innovation can not deal with something that is the basis of humanity. Like, I get my groceries delivered in an app. I get all the things I need delivered in one hour but why is it so hard to solve something like this?...You need boldness. You need the kind of thinking, the kind of boldness that got man on the moon."

Monday, January 18, 2016

Relationships, Modern Dance, Moscow, PowerBall, Software Engineer

1. He is an editor for reality T.V. "I feel like you end up editing their morality." "She was pretty cute huh?" he says about the other passenger I had in the car that just got out. "But the girl I'm seeing right now is a lot hotter." He doesn't feel like he treats the girls well that he dates. 

"I'm pretty materialistic. When I'm really honest with myself I see that I mainly just want to have sex. I really don't treat girls that well. I'm toxic in relationships, girls find that out real quick. I usually end up dating them for a week then dump em. And I know I am just in it for the sex. I end up feeling bad about what I do, but whatever, I just have to put it to the side and not really think about it."

2. He has already picked up about 200 xmas trees this shift. He has been up since 5am. "One more hour then I am grabbing lunch and going back to my animals."

3. "San Francisco is much different from Chicago. I feel like it's a city of free spirit. A lot of innovation. The city landscape is so much different. Chicago is has a lot of reds and blacks in it's color, a lot of brick. Makes you feel like staying in with a fire for the winter. San Francisco is all light  and bright colors. I like it a lot. I like dance a lot. Specifically Modern Dance. I like it because it's so expressive. I feel like you can see them really expressing who they are."

4. They are from Moscow and looking at places in the city to rent. Moving here with their startup, Easyapp. It's a language learning app. Gives you 10 words a day to learn. He loves driving fast in Russia. "It's Fun, driving 120 miles an hour." 

I ask them about what people think of Putin who live in Russia. 

"Well when all you watch is T.V you are most likely going to start believing and supporting whatever is going on. We haven't watched T.V for years. That stuff turns you into a zombie." 

5. She is a secretary for Venture Capitalist in Palo Alto. Talk about the Powerball. "Isn't that thing like 400 billion?" I say. "400 Billion!?" she laughs. "If I was given 400 billion dollars I would implode." She continues "If I got that much I would put it in so many trust funds and probably become a financial advisor. Then they would all be working for me!...We did a Powerball pool at work. all of us pitched in money." She is half Filipino on her fathers side. She is from Jacksonville florida and explains how religious it is there. "My family is catholic but they are pretty laid back about it. In Florida it's not a matter of whether you are religious or not, it's a matter of which church you go to."

6. He is a software engineer and is ready for tacos. He explains the origins of the internet, Hacking ability, and the many passwords he has to be responsible for which he doesn't what the responsibility of.

Friday, January 15, 2016

International traveler, Passion as Photographer

1. Italian business man says goodbye to his wife and baby daughter and gets in car and works.

2. His father traveled all over with him internationally because of his line of work. He would take him everywhere with him. One summer him and his dad traveled All throughout China on train. He learned how to drive in South America. "When I was a kid I hated traveling, but appreciated it more as an adult." He still travels a lot and loves it. it's a part of his lifestyle now. "I think one thing it does when you travel that much as a kid is it makes it really hard to be racist...well at least makes it so you don't judge so much on other cultures or see what they are doing as a 'weird' thing." He tells me how nice people are in the Netherlands. How aggressive (not mean) it is in Italy, kinda like New York. And how Germany is a really good place to start your travels. He says "You get there and your like 'AH, so this is what it's like when you don't spend billions of dollars on the military.' The infrastructure is actually cared's great." He says that the "Labrador Retriever" move is a good way to go about getting what you need in Germany. "People are very much on the go and it can be really fast pace, so I found that if you just be really nice to people, talkative and social, they will usually be understanding and let you through." He also gives me great tips for using Twitter with airports when you have an issue that needs to be resolved. "When it goes public, they listen."

4. She doesn't see me across the street. She says she was in "Another world" when I picked her up. She is a professional photographer for commercial marketing. She loves it. She left her old job after she got very sick. Her doctor said that the stress was making her more ill, so her boss let her take time off. She started taking photography classes. Her Teacher told her that she should think seriously about pursuing it professionally. She left her job and landed her first gigs soon after. "Once I started I never looked back." She talks to me about knowing. "It's not that you don't get scared, you get scared. But you know your doing the right thing. I just knew." Her father used to have a dark room. "I would go in there and just spend hours making like 5 photos. Time wouldn't exist...It was crazy. There was something magical about that process. Not knowing what you where going to create."

3. She hasn't lived in one place for longer then 9 years. Growing up She moved around a lot. She lived in China and Taiwan, and then moved to Chicago. She now lives in San Francisco.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Dirty jokes

He tells cheesy dirty jokes to get people to laugh and smile for his girlfriends wedding photography.

These guys have been coming to this Deli since the 1970's.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Get in Line, and Future Forensic Pathologist

1. "Get in line or get the fuck out!" He's talking to his wife on the phone. He repeats, "Get in line or get the fuck out! I know your sorry but this isn't a pity party. I apologize for getting as mad as I did, but your not getting anything else from me. Get in line, or get the fuck out." He had gotten in a fight with his wife earlier that day. He wanted to take the kids to the grandparents house, but then she decided she wanted to take them to the museum. She left the grandparents house upset and was now apologizing. "there's no excuses, get the fuck over it. You get in line, or get the fuck out." He tells me about the psychology of women and how women secretly what a dominant man. He says it makes them feel safe. "They love it."

2. Pick him up from College of Marin. He wants to be either an architect or a forensic pathologist. Both will always have a demand. "There will always be dead people." He is fascinated by anatomy and how the body works.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Quitting job and Lost Car Keys

1. She is ready to leave her job. "I'm over it. The VP is a total bitch. The VP has been a bitch to me since day one." She is gonna look for another job. If everything goes as planned, she is going to go to Japan in the next 5 years. "And when I go, I'm not coming back."

2. She's on phone "I am going to trade my car in and get the Silver Mercedes. Can you help me with those car questions?"

3. She lost her car keys. "Loosing your car keys. It's like it becomes an extension of your Reality."

Me: "Wow, that is the deepest explanation of loosing car keys I have ever heard. Your going there. You just went there."

she laughs. "Yes! it gets all tangled in the consciousness. You know, it almost becomes a part of you. Feels strange when you don't have them. Feels almost like your missing an arm or leg."

She just got back from a trip on a train after teaching as a professor on the east coast, and is ready to relax. She just completed her masters and his teaching as a professor for the first time. I ask what she teaches. 

"Ah, I don't think your ever gonna guess. So I have a background in creative writing, just got my masters, but I am teaching Sociology right now, with an emphasis on community. The class really questions what community is. So we talk about the different phases, Psuedocommunity, Chaos, Emptyiness, and True community phase....America would be in that psuedocommunity phase...Psuedocommunity is when everyone is acting polite, kinda like that cooky cutter Leave it to Beaver way of life, but you're not really confronting the real issues. The real shit."

She is about to get a massage and relax in their hot tubs after being on that train for two days straight. She is all cramped up and ready to get that massage. She is ready for "Me time." It's her little treat to herself. We roll up to the place. "I just hope that they aren't gonna be one of those happy ending places."

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Chapelle, Traveling Nurse, Reo Negro

1. 10am - She drank two bottles of wine with friend last night and picking up car. She is upset about the new train being built that is going to have last stop in San Rafael. "Great, before I added 15 minutes with traffic, now I'm gonna have to leave, what? 30, 40 minutes earier? It's horrible. This train thing is ridiculous."

2. three people on their cell phones. He has been up since 1am from a flight from New York. 

3. "It's so cold outside."

4. Professional woman from Financial district. I swear she is listening to Godsmack on her headphones. 

5. I tell him about Sery's voice. it is so loud in car. "Yeah Seri, Don't Yell at me!" He says. I can tell he has a comedic sense of humor. He is exhausted. Was up late last night...He went to go see Dave Chapelle! He says it was so good. "Chapelle didn't even really have a set. He mainly just had conversation, did audience work, and just talked about what was on his mind. It was great! He talked a lot about Bill Cosby. And you can imagine, he was probably a huge idol for him growing up, so plays a big affect on him." He tells me how Chappelle used these cellphone lock pouches to prevent people from using their cellphones at shows. I had heard about this. The company is called Yondr. They are a SF start up company. The cell phones lock during show so people can't film or photograph. "I think it's great. No one wants there stuff getting online, especially if you had a bad night." We talk about our favorite comedians. He loves comedy in general. Saw Louis C.K in Chicago, Bill Burr in San Jose. "I haven't pursued the stand up or anything, I'm just a big comedy fan."

6. She is a traveling nurse. From Florida. She has bag of home made chips from cafe called Pig Pickle. She offers me some "Come on, have some. Dig in." I can't resist. I take her up on it. We are both eating chips on ride. She loves pickles. She just had bread and butter for first time, she says whole foods is the best. Tells me about Traveling nursing. "Being a traveling nurse is hard. It's hard work. Ain't easy. Always meeting new people, a lot of hours, moving, but I put my all into it. My all! I've made a lot of money doing it, and I'm good at it. 

(Break: I Go see Star Wars with Nephew and friend. It rocked)

7. 12:15 am Pretty drunk coming out of Novato Bar restaurant. He has the itch to stay out and continue bar hopping, but also idle. "What should I do? Should I just go home? I'ts not like I'm Not gonna find strip clubs and Hookers for $100.00 here. Gotta go to Amsterdam for that." He then gets a bit deeper and thoughtful about his travels. "Amsterdam is a beautiful place. I love it. I have been 4 times. My father is from Italy so I always pass through Europe when I travel. Amsterdam is so much better than Italy. So much friendlier. In Italy you walk into a bar...well sorry if I can't speak French." They judge you. In Amsterdam, people will start talking with you, have conversation, then there is the canal, a beautiful area. The whole place is just wonderful."                                                                He loves to Travel. He continues.           

"You've been to Brazil? Oh I love brazil. Yes the Amazon is wonderful. Absolutely wonderful. In Manaus you can take these ferries throughout the River and it's great. The Reo Negro river meets the Amazon River, also called Solimeos River  and the two rivers are literally separated because of the temperature difference. You can see the difference with the color of the two rivers. One is darker then the other. It's amazing. Then there where these tree houses we stayed in in the Amazon. And when boating in the river, there where spots where massive piranhas where everywhere. Like everywhere. I was scared. Alright, Biggie (Natorious B.I.G) is playing, time for me to go in."

8. The next couple I pick up at same spot. They are from Brazil.

Reo negro river meets Amazon River

Nanny and joint zen

1. She needs to pick of prescriptions.
2. (names changed) She just got off Nanny shift. She is exhausted. She is upset that she has no sex life. "No sex and no play makes Sarah a dull girl." She sneaks guys into their home anyways. She really needs to go to the bathroom. "If I had a dick I would pee out the window." She says she actually has a problem holding bladder. I bust gas and get her to first place, the Centre Cinema movie theatre. She feels better now and goes to sleep.
3. We are talking about art and stop motion animation. He says "That's like me with rolling joints. I go into a zen like state. I don't even smoke that often, but I just like doing it. The process."

Friday, January 8, 2016

Emo Tumblr, Swing, and Point Gaurd

1. Her talking to guy she is with...

"I like tumblr because you can show your stuff, but not like, totally show who you really are.".....

She is showing the guy her Tumblr...

"That was back when I Like, thought that happy endings where real."....

"I tend to see everything being ok in the end. I've been told I'm in for a rude awakening."....

2. I tell him that Siri's voice is way to loud in my car, and I need to get that volume turned down. He tells me I can also change Siri's voice to an english and Australian voice. 
ME: "I wish I could have michael jackson's voice, that would be rad. With a little beat behind it like he's about to go into a song. He could say 'alright...we are just your destination'....then could go into a song."
He says "oh man, I miss michael Jackson.  If you've never heard Rockin' Robin, I highly recommend you do." 
We talk about our love of MJ. 
He says "I know I sound like an old man, but I feel like the younger generations just don't have what we had when it comes to Pop music. I don't think they appreciate it the same way. Like going back to MJ records, there's layers to it. It's complex. The songwriting is amazing. You listen to Taylor swift or lady gaga or whatever, it's flat. There linear. There voices are are almost talking to the beat." I tell him that is maybe because they are just made to dance to. I say "I think most of the time they aren't thinking about the song, just how people are going to dance to it at da clubs.  Just made to shake their hips to. But I can't get behind it either." He then tries to see it from another angle and relate to it.  "I guess I can relate. I mean, I swing dance with my wife and that music was made for dancing as well...We go out weekly. We use to go out every night, 7 nights a week. They had a circuit where each night a different place would have swing. It was awesome."  

3. He just got out of a High school Varsity game. He had to leave early because his schools team was getting beat, and everyone there was really disappointed. He just had a game tonight before the Varsity game and they did really well. He is in junior Varsity. He teaches me about different levels of highschool basketball. Explains junior varsity and varsity. 

"So I'm a point guard. I'm don't mean to brag, but I am pretty good. And I had a friend from another team that went to another school, and in 8th grade they wanted me to be on the team. But I went to the school and checked it out, and I just didn't like it there. I preferred being with my friends and going to this school. Might not have the best team, but that's alright with me. It's worth it."

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Beirut, Ocean Explore, Fundraiser

1. San Francisco. Older woman is from Beirut. She has lived in Bay for 30 years. She speaks Armenian, Arabic, English, and French. Her brother is a jeweler, but gives her nothing. She laughs, "He's Very rich, and he gives me nothing." She continues "My daughter, she is a doctor. She is very good to me." I drop her off at an Armenian Church in twin peaks. 

2. Looking for San Francisco elementary schools is more complex and difficult than applying to colleges. Her son is 3 and they already need to start looking and getting on lists. 

3. She works as a writer for the academy of science. She specializes in the ocean, specifically the Coral reefs. Researchers and scientists she has worked with have discovered 103 new species this yearThe scientist researchers at the academy have been to some of the deepest parts of the ocean in the world. The deep places they go to are called Twilight -zone reefs. They average discovering 14 species for every hour of exploration time in these twilight-zone reefs. 

"It really is a whole other world, with so much to be discovered. We've explored less than 5% of the ocean. Scientists estimate we've identified less than 20% of the species on our entire planet. And some put that number even lower...." 

"I love space and I am deeply fascinated by it. I think space exploration is a part of our nature and future of humans, but I just don't want to forget about this amazing planet and all it's mysteries in the meantime. I wanna also figure out this place and how to make it work here."

"Yes!"..I say.."I think about it all time, how it really is like space out there in the ocean. I recently posted a video of the Giant squid from Japan. We are looking for aliens, and we have these guys right in front of us! That is a straight up alien!" 

She says "Oh cephalopods are the bomb!" 

Me: "I love it. Is that their group name?"

Her: "Yeah, Cephalopods are the overall class that includes Octopus, squid, cuttlefish, Nautilus, and others."

"Aren't Octopuses crazy intelligent?"

"yeah they are very intelligent, just a different kind of intelligence. For example, instead of octopuses having a centralized brain, they have neural networks that are spread out throughout the entire body. 60 percent of their actual neurons are in their tentacles. So it's like each tentacle being able to think for its self. That is what allows them to be so good at puzzles and problem solving."

She tells me about all the potential medical findings to be discovered in the ocean. 

"There are so many medical innovations to be discovered. It's like the amazon, but in the ocean. The ocean contains a huge array of chemical compounds with potential medical applications. We just need to put resources and time into discovering them. And they are disappearing and getting destroyed fast...I think Americans need to start getting excited about the ocean again. We need our Cousteau kids to get out there and start 

I ask her about the new elements that where just discovered. She says "Oh yeah, thats next level stuff." Explains how it is more complicated then just discovering, and how a lot of it is done in a lab. I say "oh wow, that is next level stuff." We talk about the table of elements. She then tells me about how scientist that discover element get to name it, and how the scientist who named Plutonium's initials PU did it as a joke, so when you said it, you would say, P - U, like something being stinky. She said the guy who discovered it was actually pretty suave looking in the black and white photos. 

4. Late - He couldn't fine his umbrella or phone or keys 

5. Busy day. Fundraising for startup. I tell him how marketing business talk sounds like a foreign language to me. He says I'm not the only one. He explains how company's make up their own acronyms to make it easier for company to communicate, but actually ends complicating things. "Elan musk said lets just use normal human language. 

6. I point to the hair salon Peoples Barber on polk and bush..."I'm just going to go in there for a quick haircut." 
"well hopefully you do it after the ride."
"Naw, just a quickie, it won't take long."
She is silent in the back. I turn around and tell her I was joking. She thought I was serious.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Geronemo! Innocent laidies No More, Elementary Crush

1. I call passenger and I get his voicemail. It's an older man. "Hey there I'll get right back to ya, Just leave a message. Geronimo!!! God bless!" That is one of the best voicemails I have ever heard. He gets in my car. He says that Uber is a god send. He is 76 years old and would usually run up the hills, but with rain wanted to take it easy today. I tell him that I love his voicemail message. "Geronimo!" I say. "Oh yes, Geronimo! Well Geronimo was our teams name back in Vietnam." He was a Sargent I-5. He never believed in the war. Talking about how "America is always getting into things they should have never been involved with in the first place." But Vietnam was what brought him to San Francisco. 

"I got stationed in the Presideo, which was active back then, and I thought to myself 'this place is beautiful. I don't wanna leave this place'..30 years later, been here ever since."

2. San Francisco to Silicon Valley. 3 guys work for sales force. Talk about their strategy for meeting with potential new client. Serious chat and plotting. I don't understand their marketing talk. His blood sugar is low. He only ate a muffin this morning. 

3. In silicon Valley. "Well that is a bland place. Just another faceless corporation." He tells me how the CEO of that tech company has not aged in 10 years. He is in his 70's but looks like a good looking guy in his 50's. When I ask how so, he says "Well, when your a billionaire you're able to maybe get the best doctors that will do special procedures on ya and medications that aren't necessarily allowed yet."  

3. Indian couple speaking in their native language. It's so soft and musical. They seem madly in love, and their conversation in their language relaxes me, like tranquil meditative sounds.

4. She hasn't had a hot water heater for a week after it broke. She washes each body part separately, otherwise there's no way to take a full cold shower. She is a sales rep for that wireless charger technology that's at Starbucks. She's gone to Israel at least 14 times because they have office stationed there.

5. She excuses herself for saying "fuck". "Excuse me!" I say "it's ok, I was just listening to Louis Ck pandora station, I can't be offended." She got so excited. She opened the car door to leave and said "Yes! Bag of dicks!"

6. What seems like sweet very innocent mother, daughter and daughter in law. All going to see a movie. Her and her husband take west coast swing dance class, she just saw the movie Joy and loved it, she got a pedicure today and it was "lovely." general nice convo. Then, we get behind a car that is going really slow and daughter in back says...

Daughter: "What the fuck is this Dipshit doing?" 
Her mom then says "Is that a DW....?"
Daughter: "Don't say it mom!"
Me: "Oh now i'm curious. Now you gotta tell me!" 
Mom: "DWA....Driving While Asian?" 
Me: "Whoa! I thought u guys where all innocent!" 
Then another car going slow
Daughter: "What the Fuck is this guy doing!?!?"
then a guy walks across the street wearing a Grateful Dead shirt. 
Daughter: Grateful Fuck...get out of the way"
Me: "Wow!!!! you girls are really letting it all out in the last 30 seconds."

I drop them off. "Alright, enjoy the movie!"
The girls "Thank you, have a good night to! Thank you for the ride!"

7. I tell her I am putting my comedy pod cast on pause because it's inappropriate. 
She says it's fine, she doesn't mind. 
Me: "Oh no...the comedian was talking about Grinder, so definitely gonna pause. That could get awkward and inappropriate real quick for an Uber passenger. I'm putting it on pause."
Her: "ha...oh I don't mind at all..."
Her: "So...have you met anyone on grinder?"
Me: "No!'s just a comedian talking about grinder. Not that I have anything against it, just, I'm not gay. It's not my thing."
Her: "Ohhh...sorry. I don't know why I said that....This is awkward."
Me: "it's ok. I don't mind. lets jump out of this potentially awkward territory real quick. No biggie. No harm done. Grinder is awesome for them."
Her: "Yeah, more power too em."

She is reminded of how she was in a group chat on snapchat with some friends, and all of a sudden Grinder popped up on the screen from her friends, showing that it was an app that they where using. "I said, Oh shit, are you on grinder right now!?" He was caught Grinder handed. They gently teased him and it was really funny for the group.

She doesn't like dating apps. "I like meeting people in person. In real life. I Like bars, maybe work, through friends, ways like that. I met this one guy at a bar last night, woke up and he shot me a text. I didn't remember because I was so drunk. And I can get pretty wild when I drink, so if he liked me then, well, that's pretty cool." 

Topics go into social friend gatherings, hook ups and sex. 
Me: "I just had a party at my place. I love having a social gathering with a group of good friends, bring everyone together. it's a good feeling."
Her: "yeah me to, I recently had a party at my house. I ended up hooking up with my Elementary high school crush."
Earlier....She confronted her ex about her boyfriend cheating. "I called my ex and said 'Who you fucking!?' Then I hooked up with my crush from elementary school who he knew as well. It was a slap in the face to her Ex. I know it was super childish, but..."

But they still love and care bout each other. "We can have sex with other people, but then we have this connection and relationship, and we kinda forget about the people we've slept with..." She is going to a hip hop dance class. She has been doing hip hop since she has been 10 years old.     

Big Sir, Macy's the Guide Dog, Hines Ketchup

1. He went to Big Sir for New Years. He says there where shooting stars everywhere. "The stars where going off." I tell him he made a good choice, screw the crowds. But how the only popular place I would go to for NY is New Orleans. The Blues, the food...everything. He has gone. His dad was raised there. He went to the blues festival. "You've gotta go at least once."

2. She has a Guide dog. It's a black lab, completely quiet in the black. He was trained to be completely calm and unnoticed while working. He has gone unnoticed while eating dinner out and taking airplanes.  But when she is off work she becomes a puppy.  I drop her off at Macy's. I ask what her dogs name is. 
She says "Macey's." 
"Your dog's name is Macey's, and I just dropped you off at Macey's?"
She laughs "Yep."

2. He is going to Bi-Rite in San Francisco. 
 Him: "It's like what whole foods probably used to be, but more expensive." 
 Me:   "More expensive???"

He explains how everything is super local, coming from one local from. He recommends their Bi Rite ice cream next to Delores park. We agree that we are both most likely hipsters. We wonder what the next new faze is to replace the hipster. "I don't feel there has been one as hard hitting as the hipster yet." We talk Vice and North Korea. How crazy of a place it is. "When I saw that documentary Vice did on North Korea, I just remember my mind was blown."

"I'm from New York, so I've been spoiled with good pizza. I don't know why they can't just reverse engineer it. I mean, we have the blue prints. Like Hines ketchup. It's there, why not just move backwards and see how they made it. But I don't know, maybe it's just me with that one." 

Friday, January 1, 2016

2016 NYE!

1. Couple going to 1920's party at the Yacht Club. They committed and went all out with their costumes and make up. She just left her Dental practice. Her new years resolution, go forth and pursue passion and something she really loves. He has sailed to Hawaii two times. He tells me that the ocean in Hawaii is the second furthest away from any land mass in the world. It's more than 1,000 miles away from anything. "I remember I use to look out in the night sky and think I was seeing all the stars you could possibly see. But when your out in the middle of the ocean, a thousand miles away from any land, there is nothing like it. The entire sky is literally filled with stars. It really is a sight."             

He also speaks about the feeling of being out in the middle of the ocean. 

"your just on this spherical mass in the space, there is no land, nothing to associate yourself with spatially, just water. It is almost errie. but words really can't explain." 

2. Taking plane to Washington. Doesn't care about New Years. Quiet time for him. He loves cars. He tells me about driving 130 miles on Germany highways. "When your driving 130 miles an hour, you are completely focused. It takes all your attention. It's a serious thing. But There is nothing else like it." He teaches me about what a Turbo engine is and how it works. Has to do with a fan that forces air into the combustion chamber. He loves how it feels to step on the gas and push it into Turbo. 

3. Cute girl with stinky smells

4. "I think they invited me to the party to keep an eye on his daughter for him."
     "How old is she?"

5.  Her"You don't put me in your pictures On Facebook"
     Friend "That is not true."
     Her "it is, you never put me in pictures!"
     Friend "nuh uh!"
     Her" Is there a Gilbert street??" 
      Me"I believe that's Fillmore"

6. 3 high school kids "I fucked 18,000 chicks tonight."..."Yeah bra, destroyed. just fucking destroyed" He is shit faced. He says that he hooked up with 3 girls at the party and they where all friends. Couple start making out in back. He tells his friend that he likes Carla (name change) the most. His friend says, "text her something smooth, like, 'I like you the most, I'm serious'...something like that."

7. She had a bad experience with Lyft. Driver charged her for 15 extra minutes. Very happy with our ride. 

8. two friends. The guy in front is trying to "get some" texting a girl and asking her to uber to him, or he will uber to her. "Dude, do you want me to uber to you or you uber here?"